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Jeffco Public Schools has deep and meaningful generational ties that crisscross our community and a tradition of quality on which to build. But Jeffco must also adapt and change to prepare our students for their future. A central element of this change will be to take on an entrepreneurial spirit, and a willingness to innovate and adapt.

The core direction contained in this document is neither new nor flashy. Simply, it calls on us to put learning, and more precisely, profoundly changing and customizing the student experience, at the center of all our school reform efforts.

But learning does not happen in isolation, and we must also consider how we can improve the conditions for learning in our schools and community. This means building the capacity of the teaching profession to engage in this complex and meaningful work, and ensuring all our students are given a chance to work with a high-expectation curriculum.

Finally, we must recognize that students come into our schools with differing levels of readiness for learning. Students who are in pain, hungry, scared, abused, and neglected are not learning. As a community, we must resolve that we will allow no child in our community to have these barriers stand between them and their future.

Jeffco Generations is the beginning of a conversation about where we go next when it comes to our schools. It is also a call for a community reunion, founded on the belief that those things which tie us together are more powerful and important than those which divide us, and nowhere is this truer than when it comes to the positive future we all want for Jeffco’s kids.

~Dr. Glass

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