Principal's Message, 9/12/17

Happy Tuesday Shelton Families,

Currently, we are in our 4th week of school and I still have a lot of names to learn but, I am slowly and surely working on it.  Being at Shelton is the highlight of my day.  I have fun welcoming students, parents and families to our school.  I enjoy walking around the school and getting in classrooms.  But most of all, I love talking with students and enjoy getting to know more about them and their families. Shelton is such a great place to be!

Reserved Parking Spaces

In our school parking lot, we have two RESERVED parking spots.  Please do not park in these spots before, during or after school as these were paid for by two Shelton families at our Silent Auction in the spring.  The great news is that they will be up for auction again this spring. 

Parking Lot

As a reminder, please drive with caution in the parking lot.  Do not pick up students on the outer perimeter of the parking lot.  You may pick up students DIRECTLY in front of the building by the crosswalk.  This is for student safety and to help with the flow of traffic.  Your patience in the parking lot is crucial and is the best way we can keep our students safe.

PETS and Other Animals

For many years we have allowed dogs (and other animals) on our Shelton Campus.   It has been a unique and valuable experience for many students and parents to walk their dogs to school. 

Shelton is responsible for assuring the health and safety of all students, staff and Shelton families. In keeping with this objective, Shelton will not permit anyone to bring their dogs (household pets) to school. Animals may pose a threat of infection and may cause allergic reactions in other students, staff and families. In addition, some people may feel threatened by the presence of animals, particularly dogs. Dogs (or any other household pet) will not be allowed on campus during normal school hours, including drop-off and pick-up, from 8:20 AM until 3:50 PM, and including any Shelton or district sanctioned events held at Shelton. This means that parents/guardians and/or students may not bring dogs (household pets) on to our campus.  If your dog (household pet) is confined in your car, that is acceptable as I know sometimes this may happen. If walking your dog (household pet) to school, you may walk them on the bike path, along the street, or any other public property.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we are putting the health and safety of our students first and foremost.   Please do not be offended if our Shelton staff politely asks you to refrain from bringing your dogs (household pets) on our campus during the aforementioned hours.

Dress Code

School is a place of serious business – the business of education.  Therefore, students are asked to dress in a manner that reflects a respectful attitude toward learning.  Parents and students are asked to cooperate in implementing a dress code designed to prevent dress and appearance from distracting in any way from the educational process.  Specific guidelines are not intended to be inclusive, and may be periodically revised. 

  • Bare midriffs, see-through clothing, half shirts, shirts with spaghetti straps, halter-tops, off-the-shoulder shirts, backless dresses, short shorts, “muscle shirts”, pajamas and shredded/revealing clothing are not acceptable.
  • Caps, bandannas, hoods, and hats will not be worn in the building.
  • Sunglasses will not be worn in the building.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • “Wheelies” are not allowed at school.  Wheelies are shoes with a rolling mechanism mounted in the heel of the shoe.
  • Imprinted clothing that is obscene, conveys an inappropriate double meaning, promotes drugs, tobacco, alcohol or illegal activities is not permitted.
  • Gang apparel, including but not limited to, colors, signs, graffiti, bandannas, and any other gang related items/activities will not be tolerated.
  • Chains (including wallet chains) are not allowed.
  • “Sagging” – pants worn below the belt/hip line. Underwear should not be seen at any time when the student is participating in normal daily activities, such as walking, sitting, or bending over.
  • Hair styles and hair colors that cause a distraction to the school environment are not acceptable and the student may be asked to fix his/her hair before attending class.


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Coyote Chase

Don't forget to get those pledges in for the Coyote Chase on Friday, September 15, 2017.  This is one of PTSA's most important fundraisers and best of all - it's a really fun day for kids, staff & volunteers!  There are still plenty of volunteer needs for this event to be smooth and successful!  Please click here to sign up to help!

We have a multitude of events happening the rest of this year. Please check out the Shelton PTSA website  and the Coyote Column You will find a great deal more information about the many happenings and upcoming events at Shelton. Refer to the school calendar on our website as well.

Have a great week!

Educationally yours,

Karen Brown


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